Baby Photography in the First Year

We all know how much newborn photography has become so popular, but are we forgetting that each and every stage of the first year of baby’s life is unique and precious. Some photographers will not photograph babies after the first two weeks, until they are much older. It is felt that it is too hard to capture images that will appeal as much as those taken in the first weeks of life.

I am not one of those photographers. One just has to change the way we think about the shoot, and remember that the baby will not be as curled up, will be awake a lot more, will even respond with smiles by the 4 to 5 week old stage. Baby will have lost the scrunched up features of many newborns, and will not be as easy to pose. However, surely that doesn’t mean that the latter stages should not be photographed if that is the only time that works. Some mothers are not able to attend the studio due to birth complications, or baby is not as well as he/she could be in the first weeks. Maybe the first few days and weeks are full of sleepless nights, colic and unsettled households. Therefore, although it is wonderful to be able to take the newborn images, it is not a disaster if that is not possible, and baby is maybe a month or two old.

My studio boasts many props that can be used for all different ages. If baby is able to sit unsupported, I have props that will be perfect for some very gorgeous images. For example, I have little miniature chairs, an old fashioned pram, an old barrel ( looks like a wine barrel ), beanbags and suitcases that can be used for babies to sit in.

Family photos often work really well as baby can easily be seen, either sitting on laps, or supported on the ground playing with family members. How cute are babies on their tummies, holding their heads up grinning at you, or on their backs playing with their little toes. So very cute!

The highlight of the first year will be baby’s first birthday. Due to an increase in popularity of the “cake smash”, which I think began as an American tradition and has now made its way to Australia, many people find the “cake smash” a fabulous way to capture some very fun and colourful images. I myself, have photographed many a cake smash in my studio and I just love this shoot. I take care of organizing – well just about everything. You just turn up with your gorgeous one year old, and waiting will be a stunning cake and a styled, all ready to go set up, for the shoot. Beforehand, we may have discussed what colours you would like, and any special requests such as helium balloons etc.

Babies are so innocent-so adorable and babies for such a very short time. What do people think they would find and treasure first if they had to leave their house due to an emergency such as fire. Of course. Their photographs. They never regret the investment they have made in those precious memories.