Birthing Photography

A very special package to document intimate and precious memories of the birth of your baby.

When the birthing package is booked

  • We will leave approx. two weeks available for the birth of your baby
  • Designated bookings for scheduled C-Section.

We will discuss with you, your doctor your mid-wife, the protocol with having a photographer present at the birth. How amazing to be able to look back on moments that can often be easily lost in emotion, pain and being so over-whelmed with joy and fatigue.

Astounded by the beauty of photographing a birth

You will be astounded at the beauty of moments captured during the process of bringing a tiny new human into the world – but more importantly, your tiny new human.

Please contact Geraldine for more information if you are interested in a birthing package.  Our Birthing Package is below.



  • A specialty product for a momentous occasion

  • Up to 12 hours

  • On call photographer for labour

  • Print package

    • (10x) 5×7
    • (10x) 6×4
    • USB included
  • 10% off any other package of your choice

  • $2799

  • $2399 for elective C/section