Family Photography in the Studio

It is a very popular idea to have your family portraiture done outside, in the great outdoors. This is a reflection of modern, lifestyle photography that reflects happy, relaxed families having lots of outdoor fun.

While I love to shoot families on location, and cater for this type of family shoot, there are many reasons why studio family photography can have advantages as well.  Obviously, the studio is a perfect backup for inclement weather. It means that your family shoot will be able to go ahead no matter what the skies might have to say.

Also, if you have gone to a lot of trouble attending to hairstyles, makeup etc. you will feel more relaxed, knowing that the attention to those details will be worthwhile, and not compromised by windy, cold, hot or uncomfortable days.

One of the very wonderful assets to my studio, is the fabulous playroom that adjoins the main studio. Children find it fascinating and the only downside is that the children don’t want to leave it to have their photos taken!!!! A little bribery works well, and that is a small price to pay for keeping the littlies so occupied throughout the shoot.

Families are so comfortable with plenty of room to relax, and it is always easy to change outfits in the studio amenities and change room. Not so easy if you are on location outside. Benefits of studio photography.

Capturing images that you will love is just as rewarding for me, as for you when you receive your beautiful album. I take great pride in presenting you with photos that you fall in love with, and love to show off to all your family and friends.  Studio portraits have a very polished and beautiful side to them that makes them stand out.

Having control over lighting in the studio can make for very interesting family portraits. Also, it is easy to add interest with the addition of some of the many, many props I have in the studio-such as the stunning vintage wooden rocking horse, that has made its appearance in some much loved family portraits. Can’t take it for outside shoots.

I love the ambience of music in the studio. The mood can be more relaxed by setting up some popular music genres that suit the family photography session, and this is also an advantage of studio family portraits.

The studio is really a great place to photograph families up to about 5 members in the family group. If there are more than 5, we can think about then taking some photos in the studio-such as individual photos or small groups, and then taking the larger groups outside. The studio is surrounded by very appealing areas- set amongst trees and white fences, or against beautiful valley views that can make gorgeous backdrops for your family photos. We don’t have to go far to find the perfect outdoor setting from my studio.

I love family. I cherish my own studio family portraits. I know you will too. Whether you choose to have your family photography in the great outdoors, or right here in the studio, you can’t go wrong by deciding now is the time to make a booking.