The Rise and Rise of Newborn Photography

It is very clear that as a photography genre, the newborn shoot has been gaining in popularity at a great rate over the last few years. What are the reasons for this increasing trend for photographers-particularly studio photographers.

Think of baby animals of all kinds-don’t we just love them to bits. They are almost always so adorable, cute, round and playful. They have the most photogenic features and we find them irresistible. However, do they stay that way for very long? The answer is of course-no they don’t! And before too long, we have forgotten just how unique and incredibly gorgeous they were. Here is  the cutest photo that I captured of 7 newborn staff puppies. Just adorable aren’t they?

It is just the same for newborn human babies. They arrive into our world-helpless, tiny, curled up in a foetal position, and with the most devine little attributes one can imagine. Especially so if it is your baby. How long does this stage last? Approximately two weeks. After that, your baby has started to change quite dramatically. So of course, to document as much as we can of those first couple of weeks has become increasingly important, in a bid to capture memories to have and to share for years and generations to come.

As a family and newborn photographer myself, I find the newborn photography shoot particularly satisfying and rewarding. The day before the shoot-or several days ahead, I will start to set up some newborn style shots using some of the many props I have available at my studio. Thinking of different ways to photograph your baby, and creating photos that enhance the beauty of a newborn is so fulfilling. My newborn shoots always have images that centre on very cute photos, and then a mixture of lifestyle shots that are emphasizing the features of baby close up, and also shots that include mum and dad.

Decorating our homes has become something we love to do too, and displaying your new baby images in frames, on canvases, and in coffee table albums, is also a popular way to show off that simply beautiful new addition to your family.

Interestingly enough, it was mainly firstborn babies that were brought into the studio for newborn shoots to start with, but now even second, third and even later siblings are being photographed as newborns, with the whole family being included in some images. Such has the importance of capturing those precious days risen.

Both colour and monochrome images suit newborn photography. I like to shoot with plenty of light bouncing around the studio, keeping the images airy and soft. After all, a baby is just that. Contrasty images do not always show off the delicate features of newborn babies.

Like all photography, photographers all have their own style. I love vintage props. I also love just capturing the baby in a simple and breathtakingly beautiful way.

Having a newborn shoot done is special. You do not have time for a retake. By the time you think about whether or not you should make the investment, your baby may have passed this most magical age-and new mothers and fathers are increasingly aware of this.

The newborn shoot is seen as a very important and worthwhile investment.