The Value of Professional Photography

The Value of Professional Photography

If you enquire to have professional portraits taken, what are you hoping to capture?

What sets professional images apart from amateur snaps?

Do you want your beautiful images sitting on a USB in the drawer, or on a hard drive with your computer? Or do you want them out on display in a stunning album, or as wall art?

Do you want to pay for a professional service and all the benefits of a professional shoot, or pay good money for a cheap shoot, and have a file of images that remind you of all the ones that you have taken on your phone. Why would you even bother?

The value of professional photography. Having been in this industry for many years now, I want to be able to give my clients an exceptional service from the first enquiry, to the delivery of your product.

With this in mind, I have built packages that reflect a desire to see you get something quite special when you decide to have professional portraits taken.

What are the benefits of my packages?

There are no hidden costs. What you pay for is a complete and stunning package including beautiful images that are fully edited, the USB with all those edited images so that you are able to share on social media easily, and one of my stunning photo albums, already designed and ordered-delivered right to your door. As well, the package includes 3  (12×8) prints and 5   (5×7) prints ( worth $230 if you were to purchase separately ). A free gift is included in most packages-just a small thank you for your patronage.  No “free”, “cheap” or “budget” photoshoot, followed by a session to choose your products, which generally results in a much higher outlay in the end.

A wealth of experience dealing with people of all ages – having lived overseas as an exchange student in my late teens for a year, being a fully qualified teacher of primary school age children for decades, the mother of 4 wonderful adults, and heaps of beautiful grandchildren, a photographer in an amateur capacity all my life, and a professional capacity for nearly 10 years, and fortunate enough to be well travelled all over the world, meeting people from all walks of life. This experience brings to your photography session, a diplomatic and caring photographer, with empathy and understanding, a keen sense of responsibility to the job, and a friendly, outgoing disposition.

Patience in abundance. A photographic eye for excellent composition and a keen eye for detail.

At my fingertips I have heaps of fabulous props, top quality Nikon photography equipment, and probably one of the most people friendly and home-like studios anywhere.  Boasting superb locations in and around my studio and local area, there are many beautiful spots to capture your images, and I am more than happy to travel to the Gold Coast and Brisbane for photoshoots.

A very streamlined experience. From first contact to delivery of your photo package, you will be guided as to clothing choices if you wish, colour themed ideas, ease of booking dates, payment options, and care and regard for any special requests for your photo sessions.

Very experienced with editing software. Your photographs will be professionally enhanced, but still very natural.

Reasonable time frame before you receive all your package. Work is addressed quickly and efficiently. You won’t have to wait “forever” to start enjoying your photographs.

The possibility of purchasing other wonderful photographic products if you would like to. From a first class professional printing lab in Brisbane, with world class printers and papers, I can order picture framing of any size, premium quality archival canvases, glass photo blocks, and wood prints. All printing is done on fine art paper. Superior quality! Your images are stored carefully and if you would like to have products created at a later date we can do that.

Payment plans are available and welcomed. I want you to prioritise this as a most wonderful investment in your family life, and if it makes it more affordable to be able to pay it off, then I am more than happy for you to do this. These payment plans can be after the actual photography session has taken place if you wish.

What more can I say?  You can’t go wrong if you decide to book and you will be delighted you did!  Thanks for taking the time to read through, and look forward to working with you and your families if you choose to go ahead at some stage with a booking for a photography session. The memories cannot be replaced and you know the old adage about what material things you would try to save if a fire threatened all your possessions. Of course-your photos!

Don’t be persuaded by cheap pricing. Look at the value and know you are getting exceptional value for your money.

Take care and look forward to your enquiry

Geraldine x